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Family Stories

October 2015 – New Family  

“I cannot believe how this program makes me and my family feel welcomed and cared for.  The day we moved in was like a miracle after sleeping in our van for weeks. I will never forget hearing my son say,  ‘Mom – I LOVE THIS PLACE! I feel like I’m dreaming or on TV or something!’ My children now feel safe and have their own beds.  I am so grateful for all this program and the staff are doing.  THANK YOU FOR CHANGING OUR LIVES!”  


September 2015 – Graduate Family

“I was a teacher’s assistant in special education, working toward my teaching degree but summers were always tough, even with my summer jobs. I got two months behind in the rent and lost our apartment. I just couldn’t keep us afloat anymore.” This graduate was then introduced to The Carying Place which she called “the best-kept secret in Cary” and her “breath of fresh air after incredible stress.”

“Without The Carying Place, I would have graduated but not had the confidence to go beyond that. I’m not where or who I was when we came into the program. I’m a single mom from an impoverished family. If I can do this anybody can do this, and better. What I want for my daughters now is for them to be educated, make good choices, and know they have the tools to stand and don’t have to live in poverty.”

Citing Maya Angelou’s poem titled Caged Bird, she said, “I’m empowered… the door is open on my cage now.”