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How we empower

Budgeting Cycle

Budgeting Cycle

         We empower our families by helping them learn:

            • budgeting skills
            • coping skills
            • time management
            • goal setting
            • better parenting skills
            • self-awareness & self esteem



The program is designed to help working families with children who are motivated and ready to contribute a significant effort toward: 

  • Identifying and making necessary lifestyle changes
  • Learning and practicing basic life skills
  • Find and maintaining independent, adequate, permanent and self-sustaining housing

The expectation is that each family will focus on life skills training and practice at least 4 to 6 hours each week in attaining goals they set to improve their situation.  Each family is required to save a significant portion of this regular income as an escrow for future housing costs (deposits, utilities, etc.), and where applicable, to make payments and plans to improve their credit situation or acquire transportation.  Overall, the families are trained and encouraged to make changes for long-term self-sufficiency.


Life Skills

The life-skills training program is implemented through weekly meetings of the families with volunteer teams of four to five persons.  These individuals provide training in techniques of coping with problems of everyday life and assist the families in a “hands-on” environment, with setting weekly budgets and goals (personal and financial) and with review of progress toward these goals.  The volunteer teams provide personal support and training on everything from stress relief to using a checking account.  While the adults attend the training sessions, children of the families attend the Children’s Services Program.  The goal is that upon graduation from the program the client families are in apartments they can afford, with jobs that pay the bills, some savings for emergencies, with a plan in place, and a self-confidence to sustain their housing while living a balanced life. 



After the families graduate from the four-month program, there is continuing follow up for a year or more to reinforce the life-skills learned during the program and to assure the continued viability of their financial plans and their housing situation.