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What is the program?

Families who are accepted into our program sign an agreement with us.  They agree to enter our 16 week life-skills training program that is designed to provide counseling in financial management, budgeting, goal-setting, time management and self-sufficiency.  

Team meeting with family

Our program is implemented though weekly meetings with an assigned volunteer support team.  The families are provided with a meal and our support team of 3-4 volunteers give personal support and training on everything from stress relief to using a checking account.

While the adults attend the training sessions, the children attend our children’s support Program activities where they are taught coping and life skills that will hopefully help them with issues of homelessness.

Our program provides a safe transitional housing unit for the family during their 16 weeks in the program. The units are furnished and decorated by our teams of volunteers.  Rent and all utilities are included in the program.  Our families are expected to make contributions into a secure savings account during their participation in the program.

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The ultimate goal at the end of the 16 week program is for our families to be in housing that they can afford; to have jobs that can pay their bills; to have some savings for emergencies; to have a plan in place; and to have self-confidence that they can sustain their housing and lead a balanced life.

We maintain contact with our families for a year following their “graduation” from our program; being available for any answers or support the family may need.