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Selection Team Responsibilities

Three members of a selection committee interview, perform background checks, and make the decision to “accept” or “not accept” program applicants- this process is called selection. A one hour training session is required for selection committee members.

  • Prior to being interviewed by the team, candidates are:
    • Placed on the TCPTH waitlist
    • Interviewed by Program Manager and given an application to complete


If after this process is complete it is determined that the TCP program is a good fit for the candidate(s), the Program Manager assembles a selection team and a time is determined for the selection to take place.

  • The selection team is given the application and other pertinent candidate information prior to meeting with the candidate(s).
  • A checklist and guidelines for conducting the interview are provided to each team member.
  • After the interview, the Selection Team discusses the appropriateness of the candidate(s) for the TCPTHP.  If they decide to proceed with the process, each team member volunteers to call at least one of the candidate’s listed references. Then, each member reports findings to the team member responsible for writing up a summary of the selection, which includes and information found in the meeting and from references.  This material is given to the Support Team.
  • The decision to reject or continue is reported to the Program Manager.
  • After checking references, Selection Team members share their findings by telephone. Then, the team’s final decision is communicated to the Program Manager.



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