2021 Carying Heart Award Winners

2021 Carying Heart Award Winners

The Carying Place would be nothing without its 300+ plus volunteers and this past year has proven that well! We certainly appreciate each and every volunteer but we annually highlight and award at least one special volunteer with the honor of being our Carying Heart recipient of the year. Back on August 13, 2021, our staff, Board and Benefit Auction attendees were delighted to celebrate not just one but two Carying Heart award winners for 2021. Please help us recognize Randy Medford and Mark Ring as our dual 2021 award recipients! Each have been with us for 10+ years, with Randy being a lead support volunteer of our Property and Maintenance Committee and Mark being a lead Support Partner volunteer. Both are dependable, consistent hard workers and they help our programs run smoothly for both families and our staff. Thank you again, Randy and Mark! The effort that you provide is leading to housed and happier working families with children.

Randy Medford
Mark Ring

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