Graduate Family Success Stories



This single dad and his three children entered The Carying Place’s Journey Home Program after experiencing homelessness earlier this year. Bobby spent 16 weeks acquiring valuable financial literacy skills and saving money, working two jobs to reach his savings goal. Today, he is part of TCP’s graduate program, where he continues to work on improving his credit and job enrichment skills. He is also busy pursuing his dream of opening his own cake business, where he can share his mom’s favorite recipes with others.





Homeless with three children, this single mom came to TCP after experiencing domestic violence. She spent 16 weeks acquiring valuable financial literacy skills and saving money while living in one of TCP’s homes. Like many families, their largest barrier to housing stability was income. Eager to pursue job enrichment skills, she obtained her EDU 119 certificate and soon increased her $12 daycare center wage to $18. This was a step in the right direction; however, she still needed a higher salary to afford her housing. Working with TCP staff, she completed Wake Tech’s BioWorks Process Technician program and is awaiting placement as an apprentice in a booming industry. Once completed, she will earn $30 or higher, changing her family’s life trajectory!







Shanice, a single mom with two children, was stably employed in Raleigh when a medical condition required her to have a routine surgery. Complications required an extended hospital stay and resulted in missed wages. Moving in with family in Greensboro, she worked long hours to catch up all while commuting two hours each way to work, daycare, and school. The hardships of her extreme work schedule and the daily commute negatively impacted her children, Emery and Emmitt. Entering TCP’s program, Shanice benefitted from the respite of having her family back together while learning vital financial skills. And her children blossomed in TCP’s Children and Teen programs.








C.S. was a single mom working full-time in Wake County public schools when she faced a daunting financial crisis after her marriage ended, plunging her into a sea of expenses and lost income. TCP’s program became her lifeline, offering housing, unwavering support, and vital financial literacy education, all while she tirelessly balanced three jobs to bolster her income. Today, her journey is one of triumphant transformation as she works towards her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, paving the way for a higher-paying career that promises a brighter future for herself and her family.








“I was homeless and unable to get an apartment due to a 348-credit score. Even though I worked full-time, I was going in circles and didn’t see any way out of the rut I was in.

Creating a weekly budget, watching my spending habits, accounting for money spent, and not having to pay rent, utilities, or other cost of living expenses made it possible for me to pay off several debts, and my credit score soared.

When I graduated from TCP, I had saved over $8,000, my credit score was at 690, and I was prepared for my homeownership journey! What TCP offers is not a handout but a hand up.” – Mary, a TCP graduate.




After years of abuse in a 13-year marriage, the peak of the abuse came when my ex-husband took the lives of my parents. That same night, I suffered a deadly attack. I was hospitalized and out of work for several months, which resulted in my children and I becoming homeless. 

Today, I am thriving after years of healing and continued education on domestic violence. The Carying Place was there for me during the lowest time of my life. Going through this experience sparked a passion in me to want to open my transitional housing for families that have survived domestic violence. – LaTonya




“I’m not good with words, but I wanted to let you guys know how much you all have changed my life and how grateful I am to have been accepted into The Carying Place’s program. You guys have been an amazing source of support. What a blessing you all have been to me and my son. TCP has been my safe place, a place I have called home, a place that welcomed my son and me with open arms. I will always be grateful for what you have done for us.” – Christina, a recent graduate.





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