Fall 2023 Newsletter

Fall 2023 Newsletter

Excitement is in the air at The Carying Place! Here’s our latest news:


Upcoming Events

Get ready for holiday festivities at Fenton in Cary, all benefiting The Carying Place:

  • Bailey’s “Time to Give” November
  • “Light the Square”: November 18
  • Carriage Rides: Nov 24-Dec 31
  • “Mistletoe Sip N’ Stroll”: Dec 14

We’ll be present at these events. Please stop by and say hello as we celebrate the holiday season!

Family #532

Last week, we welcomed Angie and her four children into our program. The family fled an abusive situation and was living with another family from their church before coming to TCP. Angie is motivated and determined to make a better life for her children.

Every family has a different story and a unique path to housing stability. We’re grateful to our support partners for guiding each family along their journey.


Did You Know

The need for The Carying Place’s services is great. Each week, we take calls from 70+ homeless families in our community, and the number keeps growing. We serve as a resource for many who do not know where to turn for assistance.

IRA Distributions

If you have IRA distributions to take before year-end, please consider donating to The Carying Place.


Volunteer Spotlight

Sandy Beth Lyens volunteers each Tuesday in our office, answering intake calls with dignity and thoughtfulness.

“I love providing hope and kindness to families that just need a little help figuring it all out.”

Fun fact: Sandy Beth was an air traffic controller for 29 years. Talk about nerves of steel!

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