Dr. Michael Pearson Director of Programs

Dr. Michael Pearson is the Director of Programs for The Carying Place. Michael has earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy in Health and Human Services from UNCG & NCAT, and holds a master’s in social work in Mental Health and Addiction, with a BA in Leadership and Management.  

Over 15 years, Michael has invested in addressing the relationship between social problems, family and health, and the intersectionality issues that impact communities. As a seasoned practitioner, Michael is a professional who uses his knowledge and training to foster growth in others.

In his work with at-risk populations, in homelessness, through advocacy and academia, his mission has been to create trust, instill hope, and work toward positive and hopeful change by developing workable solutions.  

As a leader and long-standing community non-profit service provider, for Michael, “The Carying Place provides families the chance to break down structural barriers to housing and engage programming that is vital to housing sustainability.” Working with The Carying Place is an opportunity to continue and further, his life’s work to encourage and make a difference in the lives of others.