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Our Future

As the Triangle area continues to be a “community of choice,” we must focus on nurturing robust, diverse, and vibrant neighborhoods. Given the constraints of limited land availability and escalating construction costs, providing affordable housing in our area is an escalating challenge. However, it also presents an opportunity for community stakeholders to collaborate for the greater good and contribute to a viable solution.

The Carying Place receives about 70 calls a week and 4,000 calls a year from families experiencing homelessness. The need for affordable housing in our community is real, as evidenced by our three-month wait list.  Our plans for growth are driven by the need to empower more families to reach housing stability and self-sustainability.

Our initial building plan has been enhanced by intentionally selecting these community partners: Greenwood Forest Baptist Church, DHIC, YMCA, and the Town of Cary to help address the pressing need for affordable housing and better serve our community’s needs.

Click here to read our Community Benefits Narrative, which we submitted to the Town of Cary as part of our Zoning Application and Pre-Development Plan.


Who We Are

The Carying Place, Inc. empowers homeless working families on their journey to permanent self-sustaining housing and workforce development. We teach financial literacy and critical life skills while providing short-term housing for hard-working families with children. We have served more than 540 families with an 80% success rate. Our Journey Home program is designed to change a family’s course for generations. We measure success using the following metrics-based objectives: the number of families and children receiving financial literacy and housing in our program each year; the percentage of families who achieve housing upon graduation; the number of individuals who increase their skills, resulting in higher wages; and the number of individuals who receive homeownership preparation.


    TCP families save an average of


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Graduates Profile

Casting a Vision Foward

Board of Directors

  • Frank Frischauf (President)
  • Cliff Reeves (Vice President)
  • John Collins (Secretary)
  • Amy Diebler (Treasurer)
  • Darryl Coleman, Jr.
  • Stéphane Daniel
  • Asa Fleming
  • Kai Hill
  • Sidney Chow
  • W. Kyle Greer
  • Hannah Wait
  • Clark Radford