Before entering the TCP program, I was living in a rooming house (homeless) and unable to get an apartment due to my credit. My credit score was 348 and even though I worked full-time, I was going in circles and I didn’t see any way out of the rut I was in.
We were the first family to be accepted during the pandemic and TCP offered a new way of doing things and IT WORKS! Creating a weekly budget, watching my spending habits, accounting for money spent, and not having to pay rent, utilities or other cost of living expenses made it possible for me to pay off several debts and my credit score soared.
When I graduated from TCP, I had saved over $8,000. Today my score is at 690, and I am ready to become a First Time Homeowner! I thank the TCP staff, volunteers and everyone at TCP for helping me to reach goals I thought were unobtainable. What TCP offers is not a hand out but a hand up. Work the program and the program will work!

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